Explain the role of speech recognition software in medical documentation , and describe the benefits of the technology?

Speech recognition is a great tool in the medical field, one of the greatest headaches in medical practice is documentation. Accurate and timely documentation is critical to proper patient care, accurate billing and for legal purposes. The issue of illegible handwriting is a serious issue in medical documentation. When documentation cant be deciphered, valuable information may get lost or distorted. Speech-to-text methods of creating documentation may create fewer issues, especially if a medical transcriber listens to a recorded version of the transcript to check the medical documentation. Voice recognition can improve work flow because of accuracy and prompt medical data saving. With todays technology is easier to share and storage data.
the doctor is placed in a position where they have greater control over their patient records. When documentation is more in control of the physician in charge, there is less processing involved and the documents are ready for distribution at a much faster rate. This can be a significant advantage for patients who need to have medical records quickly shared between various doctors. Voice recognitions main role in medicine is to provide better and more efficient documentation.

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