Explain two different views concerning acceptance of gratuities by police officers.

2- List and Explain each of the three different punishment rationales that fail under the heading of prevention.Part B: Answer each of the following questions in one to four sentences.1- Describe the utilitarian ethical system.2- Explain the difference between rule utilitarianism and act utilitarianism. 3- What is restorative justice?4- What must a lawyer do if he or she knows the client is planning to the during court testimony?5- Explain what distributive justice is and give one example.6- Describe ethical formalism.7- What is the main role of the defense attorney?8- Describe three reasons for the existence of the correctional officer subculture.9- Define the prosecutor’s duty when it comes to ex parte communications with a Judge regarding an open case.10- Briefly explain the two competing needs from which most ethical dilemmas for probation officers arise.

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