Explain what a team is and what the advantages are of working in a team.

Briefly describe all 9 of Belbins team roles that according to Belbin make an effective team.
Take four of the roles and give more detail of their characteristics, including their positive points and limitations.
Explain why implementation of Belbin Team Role theory can lead to a more effective team.
b) Explain the development of a team over time according to Tuckman.
Compare and contrast the team development theory of Tuckman to the motivational theories of Mayo and Maslow.c) Discuss and evaluate your own personal experience of being a member of a team by;
a. Describing the context of the team
b. Outline the team and personal goals
c. Evaluate your effectiveness as a team worker
d. Evaluate your role in the team with respect to your preferred Belbin team roles and other skills you possess.For higher grades you must relate your evaluation to the theory of Belbin, Tuckman, Mayo and/or Maslow and any other relevant theories that you have researched.
d) Outline the four key leadership styles. Devise two scenarios stating and justifying for each scenario which leadership style you think would be the most suited. Say for each scenario which leadership style you think would be the least suitable justifying your answer as to why you think it would be the least suitable.
e) Discuss and evaluate your own experience of being a team leader. Comment upon;
a. Your leadership style
b. Communication skills
c. Dissemination of information/roles
d. Ability to motivate
e. Ability to resolve issues/conflict

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