Explain what you think the significance of the term is to history. Why did we learn about this person or event?

Exam Instructions:Pick 10 terms from the “Conclusion: What did we learn?” slides of Modules 3-8. You should have a max of 2 terms from any single module. Then:1. Write the term and identify which module it comes from.O2. Explain the term in your own words. No quotes are allowed for this portion of the exam.3.
Cite the source you used for your information (either the textbook page number or the module).Book ( Give me liberty by Eric Foner volume 2 5th edition)(My 10 terms):1. Freedmens Bureau
2. Radical reconstruction
3.knights of labor
4. Competency
5. Fundamentalism
6. The Zimmerman Telegram
7. Woodrow Wilson
8. Progressives
9. Social Darwinism
10. Scientific racismExample: I chose an example that isn’t actually a key term for the unit, so you could see what this might look like. As you can see from the example, your responses here should be 2-3 sentences long. They do not need to be any longer.Emilio Aguinaldo (unit 5): Emilio Aguinaldo was an independence leader in the Philippines who actually set up a temporary government with a constitution just like the U.S. Constitution (Foner p. 540). He is important for our understanding of U.S. history because his work shows that the U.S. was unwilling to accept that the colonies it “freed” from Spain were ready for independence. Even though the Filipinos wanted to set up democracy, we fought the Philippine War to force them to accept our colonial rule.

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