explain which idea the source is used to support and how it fits into your overall argument.

Not all the sources listed here will necessarily end up in your paper, and you may find additional sources after you’ve turned this in, but it is helpful in getting your research more focused as you learn HOW you’ll use the sources you’ve found.PROSPECTUS ASSIGNMENT
A prospectus is your plan for the research paper. It is not a rough draft, but is designed to help you develop your rough draft. Your prospectus must include the following:
a. A working thesis. This need not have the final wording of your thesis statement, but it should express, clearly, in a sentence or two, your stance on the issue on which you will focus in the essay.
b. A working outline of your paper. This needs to be detailed with specific topics for each paragraph. (Saying “paragraph 1”, “paragraph 2” etc. is not sufficient.) This will help you develop your ideas and your argument. If you can identify an example or quote to go with each topic, all the better. A good outline makes writing the paper itself much much easier.
The more effort you put into this, the easier it will be for you to write your draft next week. Not only will it help you articulate your ideas, it will give me the information I need to give you feedback and help you write a stronger argument.

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