Explain why you think housing professionals need to reflect on their performance.

This assignment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your achievement of the learning outcomes by producing a Reflective Portfolio (task A) and a Professional Development Portfolio (Task B).Assessment task A: Reflective PortfolioThe paper– demonstrate an understanding of the nature of housing as a profession, and of how you respond and work within your own situation. You will record, evidence, and reflect upon the subjects covered in this unit.What is a reflective portfolio?A reflective portfolio is a collection of writings that summarise your insights and experiences; not like a traditional academic projects expect you to be objective and impersonal, a reflective portfolio asks you to highlight your own personal perspectives, opinions and feelings. It provides an honest summary of the work undertaken and the skill sets that have been developed.The portfolio should include 5 entries that address the following learning outcomes:Entry 1:Provide an account of what you think it means to be a housing professional. To do this you need to:• Differentiate between being a member of a profession and acting professionally;• Make specific reference to the UK Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH ) of Conduct and Code of Ethics;• Provide an example of a situation in your working life where your professional ethics have come into play – you will find the self-evaluation questions in the Code of Ethics particularly useful here;• Explain how you reacted and the challenges involved.Entry 2:Referring to relevant literature, briefly explain the concept of reflective practice and give reasons for choosing the approach to reflection you feel most comfortable with.Entry 3:Provide an example of a working situation and apply one of the reflective practice approaches to your own performance. Entry 4:Explain how your own performance is monitored. Has this monitoring process:1. Enabled you to improve your performance? If ‘yes’, how? If ‘no’, why not?2. Helped you identify and address your learning development needs? If ‘yes’, how? If ‘no’, why not?Entry 5:Consider how your performance makes an impact on/contributes to overall organisational performance. In doing this, comment on how reflective employees are useful to organisations and themselves.1500 words in this section – At least 10-15 sources of references- Harvard styleAssessment task B:Professional Development PlanDesign a Housing Skills Professional Development Plan (PDP) which by your analysis incorporates the key generic and specific skills required by housing professionals.Use the Housing Skills PDP you have created to design your own professional development plan for a minimum of 5 skill areas.You need to incorporate the key generic and specific skills and set out the plan for developing a minimum of five of those skills.1000 words in this section – At least 10 sources/references – Harvard style

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