Explain why your multifaceted approach to the illicit drug problem is better than an enforcement/supply side only strategy.

Read Naim, Ch. 4
Read Glenny, Ch. 10 & 11
Read Albanese, Ch. 2This weeks readings on drug smuggling had a variety of implicit and explicit implications for responding to the illicit flow of drugs. Drawing from this weeks readings, develop responses to the following exercise.1. In Chapter 2 of Albanese (2011) a multi-faceted approach to the global drug problem is proposed. Articulate and explain the components of this approach (i.e. supply, demand/customers, organized crime, regulators, and competition). Identify specific tactics or things that could be done within each of these components to minimize the drug problem.2. Construct a table which succinctly summarizes the ideas developed in question Use examples from the Naim and Glenny readings to illustrate and support your points.

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