Explore the rewards available for the good and proper woman, how are improper women punished or marginalised, and how literature of awakening suggests women can break free of this.

The quote at the start is from The dance of the dissent daughter by Sue Monk Kidd page 16. Required: 1- Theologically informed response 2- In depth reading 3- Own the argument (critical reaction to what you have been reading)4- self critical reflective awareness (self critical of your assumptions, pre-suppositions)5- need to show that you can objectively think about yourself and where you stand and how it might be difficult for you to step out of those circumstances. 6- essay should be in first person. E.g I argue.. (own the argument) must be backed with evidence, theorise it with the literature that forms your view.7- for quotes in text must be like this. E.g the future is bright (Smith, 2006, pg.5) 8- please double space the essay and please put page numbers on it.9- you can add subheadings 10- essay must flow 11- use a catchy introduction
followed by the aim of the essay. E.g this essay will argue… 12- 3-4 fully developed points 13- structure the essay around the argument in the introduction 14- Bring in a counter argument but then demolish it 15- PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION!Some suggested readings:
1- She changes everything: seeking the divine in the feminist path by Lucy Reid.2- Testing the boundaries: Self, Faith, Interpretation and changing trends in religious studies by Patricla Iolana and Samuel Tongue.3- The journey is home: some theological reflections on narritive spirituality as process in journal of beliefs and values by Ruth Mantin 4- Womanspirit rising: a feminist reader in religion by Carol Christ.5- The feminine face of God: The unfolding of the sacred in women by Anderson. 6- A God of her own feminist theology by Ree Bodde 7- Diving deep and surfacing: Women writers on spiritual quest.
Important for essay.. marking criteria1- Acquisition of knowledge- unusual depth/breadth of knowledge 2- interpretation and analysis- Unusual intellectual and emotional engagement with material 3- Construction of argument- Thoroughly convincing and elegant, with excellent choice of evidence, leading to well-founded conclusions.4- Relevance- Unusual ability to maintain readers interest by choice of argument, evidence, examples etc 5- other skills: Documentation and presentation- Effective presentation

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