Exploring Leadership Challenges- A research study

It is in 2 parts. Part one now and then Part two after. Here is the assignment brief. Want to collaborate if interviews are necessasary as primary evidence for part two. Do not have many employees to ask, and I will need questions from you and I will get answers. Must have the same writer for both parts. IIt is a BA Hons degree course in Global Business Management and this is the Business Leadership Module. CHALLENGE TOPIC : open to this but one could be challenges with Mergers and Acquisitions as we have just gone through two in the last 2 years and may be able to interview some staff members. This is the: Overview of assignment This assignment has 2 parts: Coursework One Proposal (1000 words) worth 40% of your overall mark Coursework 1 expects you to identify ONE Current leadership challenge facing a business and an overview of the literature and suggested methodology with an intention to engage in research to delve deep into the problem identified. This is expected to hone your abilities to undertake the research and carve out a structure and plan for the coursework. The proposal is expected to start with a statement of Aim and one or two objectives. These should be grounded in the extant literature. You are also expected to provide details of the chosen case. The addional 375 words are there for you to provide me with the questions that you would like me to ask as primary data for you to feed into part two which I will send to you separately – see here for information only (please put the questions you want me to ask as part of the study on a separate sheet of paper and not part of assignment one: Coursework Two Essay (2000 words) worth 60% of your overall mark Coursework 2 is a continuation and development on coursework 1. You are expected to use primary and/or secondary data and secondary sources of information to complete the work that you started with coursework 1. At this stage the literature is expected to be more detailed and crucially, critical in its nature and the literature is expected to provide a framework or base to support or present your findings. You are expected to have findings rooted in the literature and conclusions ought to lead on to making some recommendations. The methodology section should also be clarified and justified at this stage. Please note- for both coursework 1 and 2 you are expected to have a references in accordance with BU Harvard referencing style I have selected 7 days, but can be flexible if we need to collaborate. I am putting platimum qualify, although the standard of the work is to be degree standard. Chosing Platinum as it is not straightfoward. I have put 25 references, but his is open to more if necessary. I did not know what ot answer. I can provide reading list, some research and previous writing.

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