Financial and Resource Management (MAN4FRM )

Task 1Martin Loaf has asked you to produce a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation entitled:‘An explanation of how marketing and social media can help achieve MAN4FRM’s corporategoals.’Guidance for Task 1Your presentation should comprise of 10 slides (not including title slides).Your presentation should be submitted as pdf documents. Instructions can be found on the VLE atStudent Community and Services  Student Services  Coursework Team, under the ‘Assignmentinformation’ section in the ‘How to submit a PowerPoint presentation’ document.The word count for the slides and any notes is 600 words, but remember that a good presentationneed not be detailed, and that imagery can work well (and does not carry a word tariff).Presentation skills are very important in business and the ability to research and create an effectivePowerPoint (or similar) presentation to an acceptable standard is one such skill set.Task 2Martin is also keen to stimulate discussion on new and developing issues that have an effect on thebusiness of the Company. Each quarter the company has a staff newsletter and Martin haslaunched a prize essay competition to raise awareness of different business issues. The title for thisquarter is:‘Explain the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Operations Management’ as it applies to a firmsuch as MAN4FRM Ltd in the Built Environment sector.’You have been asked to write an essay for this competition, with a suggested length of 900 words.Guidance for Task 2Essay writing is a skill that can be learned and improved through practice. You are advised toconsult the following resources before you attempt to write the essay:

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