Find at least THREE PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES that relate to that subject. Expand on the initial work in relation to the three articles that you have found. These can disagree with the work that you have chosen, back up the work that you have chosen, fill in important gaps, or expand it into another area.

What this short essay should be: A complex examination of an article/documentary/book using peer-reviewed journals.
What this short essay should not be: A summary of four different pieces.
4-5 pages double spaced-12pt font-cited with a works cited section that does not count as a page.My ideas-
essay to be about the documentary “13th” which covers the subject of african american race and class issues in America. Then include three peer reviewed journals that relate to the film and back it up. And with that expand on the topic of african american oppression in America. ( I dont use very advanced vocabulary and my writing is is a mixture between formal and informal)

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