Fixing Potholes in New Orleans

Proposal Essay and Presentation
For your final project in this course, you will be writing a proposal to help solve a problem in
your community. That is, you will identify a problem in the area of New Orleans itself or in your
hometown, convince your audience that there is a problem to be solved, and then you will
provide a solution and argue for it.
As the final component of this project, you will share your work with the class in a brief, 5-7
minute presentation. This presentation must include a visual element, and it cannot be a
traditional Powerpoint. An additional assignment sheet with specifications for the presentation
will be distributed in class.
Getting Started:
For this assignment, you are first and foremost working to identify and solve a
problem within the community. Thus your essay will need to explain the problem AND propose
a solution to a problem. You may wish to start by considering the following:

School: Would you like to fix or change the rising cost of textbooks or tuition, the
admissions process, or the financial aid process? Would you like to add more computer
classrooms, update the library, or provide more on-site tutoring?

Community: Potholes, crime, garbage collection, and temporary rentals are all ongoing
conversations in our community. Do you have ideas for fixing or changing any of these?
Your essay should:

Use two sources

Identify, describe, and explain the problem you are discussing

Provide a well-supported position/solution

Provide an effective response to the opposition

Set clear criteria that you used to make your claim or judgment

Provide evidence/ examples that support your claim
Ideally, youll want to target your work to someone who can actually do something about the
problem. Thus the audience for your work is going to be dependent upon your project. We will
spend time in class discussing audience and how to choose the proper audience for your project.
Your essay will need to be developed and organized in a manner that makes logical sense to your
chosen audience.

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