Form and describe the documents that you would produce to establish legal U.S. status.

As the Chief Human Resource Officer, you have just been contacted by your legal team. They just informed you that your organization has been selected to undergo a Federal an I-9 audit. You decided to do a spot check on 5 random departments and noticed that numerous I-9’s were filled out incorrectly. You only have one month before the auditors arrive to do an entire I-9 audit on over 100 departments and the President of the University expects a strategic update on how to tackle this issue in 2 days.

Prepare a report that outlines immigration forms and documents needed to apply for a job. Fill out an I-9 Form and describe the documents that you would produce to establish legal U.S. status. Discuss the I-9 Form and recommend a plan of action to correct the deficient forms. In your discussion determine if the I-9 Form and other documents are enough to establish legal status in the U.S. and are adequate protection for employers? Why or why not? Suggest and discuss one additional safeguard that could be added to protect the employer from unknowingly hiring an illegal immigrant. Give valid reasons for the same.

Clear concise answers, responses don’t have to be long

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