What were the main points raised in “Behind the Barbed Wireless?”

want you to answer each question separately with short paragraph . Question 1:What were the main points raised in “Behind the Barbed Wireless?”

Can you think of other ways globalization, human rights, and security are interconnected?

Question 2: Think about how the concept of security has changed over time. Consider: national security, global security, human security, cyber security, environmental security, financial security, and so on. What do they mean? What do they have in common? Are the different? Or all just different faces of the same thing?

In the 21st century, globalization, changes in societies, in cultures, advances in technologies, growing populations, resource depletion, and so on have all impacted how we conceive of security. It is a very inclusive and fluid concept now.

This forum is very open-ended. There is no specific question from me. Ask your own questions. Throw out ideas. Discuss. Be very specific or be very broad. Just show me that you are really thinking about the topic.

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