Generate market share for existing brands and Kirins new product using Share of Preference Rule.

2. Generate top 5 product profiles that maximize Kirins market share. Examine the features of the optimal product profiles.
3.Compare the profiles of the proposed Kirin new product and optimal products;
recommend modifications to the proposed Kirin new product. (hints: you want to
improve the market share of the new product, but you also need to consider the costs of
changes in product profile.)4. Show the improved market share of the new product recommended by you or your team.
Use partworth sheet from Kirin Data (Conjoint) and discrimination data Kirin Data
(segmentation) sheet to perform partworth-based segmentation using 4 segments
5. Comment on which segment(s) you want to target. (Hints: you need to consider
the new product you recommended in question 3.)

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