Gilligan’s gender identity development theory (aka moral voices theory).

The explanation of the gender development theory section of your submission should be 1 full page/specifically 600 (minimum) – 1,200 words (single spaced). This section should be based solely on scholarly sources (NOT your personal opinion). Direct quotations should be used sparingly and appropriately cited using APA format (direct quotations and author/s, year, page number) . Most of the information in this section should be paraphrased with proper APA in-text citations. Note the minimum number of sources is two, but I would suggest using more (3-5). Stronger submission will utilize several scholarly sources and exceed the minimum page requirement. Do not cite the modules/commentary, but use only outside, current, scholarly sources. Make sure that your explanation directly and explicitly relates to gender development. You may NOT use Wikipedia as one of your sources for this paper or any other assignments this semester. (2) The Critique of the Gender-Development Theory The critique section of your submission should be 1/2 of a page in length -specifically 300 (minimum) -600 words. This section should identify BOTH strengths and weaknesses and must be based on BOTH scholarly sources as well as your personal opinion. Be sure to clearly differentiate between your personal opinion and those found in your sources (use proper in-text citations). This assignment must: be typed using a 12-point Times New Roman font be single-spaced (nothing should be double spaced) have one-inch margins on all sides have a title page (that contains only the title, student’s name, and UMUC) -Remember that the title page is numbered page 1 in the upper right hand corner use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for citations (both in-text and reference/bibliography list) error free (no typos, grammatical errors, etc.) contain the following specific headings/subheadings for each section: Explanation Critique

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