Health and Wellness, Historical Studies, and Ethics and Social Responsibility.

These are components of the Foundational Studies UDIE. 1. To integrate Health and Wellness, select an information system designed to improve patient safety e.g. physical, mental, emotional, and/or social health. 2. To integrate Historical Studies, incorporate the influence or impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the selected information system, as it relates to the improvement of patient safety (described above). 3. To integrate Ethics and Social Responsibility, apply at least one (1) ethical framework or theory of social responsibility to demonstrate that the selected information system has a patient safety benefit to society, for which healthcare professionals (including you) have a responsibility to act. All multiple ways of knowing (described above) should be clear, integrated, and simultaneously evident in the following sections of your written paper: “Rationale,” “Implications for Practice Change,” and “Implementation and Interprofessional Collaboration.” The assignment is to be six (6) to seven (7) pages long excluding the title and reference pages. It should be written at a high level using APA format and double-spaced sentences. For grading purposes, use the respective SafeAssign submission link provided here. Overview Information systems are progressively becoming standard within healthcare organizations to increase technological advances that can improve patient safety, while enhancing documentation and systems flow in daily operations. In this assignment, you are to complete the following: 1. Introduction Assess one information system (e.g. Epic, Cerner, etc.) used in a healthcare setting. The assessment should include a description of the organization, details about the system users, an analysis of the information system, including its Health and Wellness, Historical Studies, and Ethics and Social Responsibility perspectives. 2. Rationale Conduct a literature review on best practices and address why this information system is the best for its climate. Synthesize information using the multiple ways of knowing, assigned readings from the required textbook, provided articles, and current professional literature to propose maintaining or replacing the identified information system in a defined organization. 3. Implications for Practice Change Describe the benefits of the proposed information system including its Health and Wellness, Historical Studies, and Ethics and Social Responsibility perspectives. Include the personnel, equipment, and budgetary requirements or estimates. Think of patient safety, improved patient outcomes, and cost effectiveness. Will training be involved? If so, who would provide the training? Who would the need training? How would training be accomplished? 4. Implementation and Interprofessional Collaboration Thinking outside of your respective discipline, describe how this new information system or changes to an information system within the setting, can enhance interprofessional use. Which players are needed to ensure that implementation is successful? Who else should be invited to the table? How could this new or revised system be implemented smoothly? What would be the timeline? How would implementation of this project be kept on track? 5. Evaluation and Conclusion How would implementation of this project be evaluated? What data should drive such an evaluation? What type of benchmarks could be utilized to determine that successful implementation occurred across many disciplines? Provide a summary which includes the integration of Health and Wellness, Historical Studies, and Ethics and Social Responsibility perspectives of your project.

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