Health Policy for Advanced Practice Nursing

Discussion Post Instructions Please follow the attached syllabus and instructions for the discussion board. Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to learn about a state Board of Nursing (BON) explore how it protects the welfare and safety of citizens and regulates the practice of nursing. Instructions: Go to the New York State Education Department Office of Professions website . Discuss some aspect of the following – no need to address all: Under the Rules and Regulations what is the code of conduct as described in the Nurse Practice Act? Discuss and define professional misconduct; for RN, APN Describe the licensure and practice issues for Nurse Practitioners in New York State Do nurse practitioners have to be certified in New York State to practice? Discuss why are hospitals mandating certification for advance practice nurses? In light of the Consensus Document, discuss certification for advanced practice nurses with implications of practice under the ACA and the quality and safety of patient care.

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