Historically many companies have honed their competitive edge by adopting the Just-in-Time philosophy that involves producing goods to meet demand exactly in time, quality and quantity.

However, such finely-tuned systems leave manufacturers vulnerable to disruptions in any of the many links in their supply chain. Unexpected natural disasters such as the Japanese tsunami (2011) or major storms like Hurricane Sandy (2012) have prompted some companies to rethink the popular Just-in-Time style of doing business.You are required to write an essay (2500 words +/-10%) supported by relevant academic literature that critically evaluates the international outsourcing challenges faced by UK manufacturing companies, with particular regard to risks and sources of potential disruption.You should seek to answer the following question:Just in Time, is it still a good strategy in times of crisis?Introduction should consist of
Opening sentence:
Background information:
Definition /explanation of just-in-time:
Purpose/ thesis statement:
Limitation, if any:
Essay outline:

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