How could doing advocacy work in a group for the prevention of suicide in multicultural adolescents impact you personally?

How might it influence what you are currently doing in your community? What resources/new learning from this experience could impact an individual the most? How could work on the topic challenge your opinions, ideas, or questions about the topic or the populations that are served? What could you learn from any of your group members that personally impacted you? What could you learn about yourself from that experience? Professional Identity and Practice: What could you learn about the role and functions of a counselor as a result of this project? What could you learn about yourself in the process of exploring the prevention of suicide in multicultural adolescents and also in the process of working in the team? Who are some key people in the community/setting who you can identify that are critical to your success for translating your ideas relating to this project into practice? Part 2: Social Justice and Personal Mission: What could you plan to do as a result of the project and when would you plan to do it? What are some steps associated with the goals? What are some barriers, personally or professionally, that you might face in implementing work associated with the prevention of suicide in multicultural adolescents? What are some societal or cultural challenges from a systemic point of view for creating sustainable change, and it what ways might you dedicate efforts toward meeting these?

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