How did advances in chemistry and biology lead to the development of the modern pharmaceutical industry?

2. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder: Does prohibition work? 3. All in the mind: Can psychotropic drugs ever make useful medicines? 4. A bugs life: How different would a world without antibiotics be? 5. Lucy in the sky with diamonds: How have drugs shaped popular entertainment over the last hundred years? Word count: The word count for this assignment is 2500 words, excluding references. It is expected that your essay will be within 10% of this value, meaning a range of 2250 to 2750 words is acceptable. Marking guide: This assignment is worth 50% of your overall grade, and as such will be marked out of 50, against the following criteria: 1. Background information (10 marks) (~500 words) In this section, it is expected that the historical background and importance of the topic will be established. This will involve addressing the issues that have lead to the subject matter of the essay and will provide a jumping off point for the major points of the essay. 2. Main discussion (25 marks) (~1500 words) This section will address the major themes to be discussed within the topic of the essay. It will clearly answer the questions raised by the topic and contain detailed information on the subject matter obtained from a variety of reputable sources. Murdoch University 13 3. Conclusions (10 marks) (~500 words) This section will tie the essay together and suggest future directions for the topic under discussion. 4. References (5 marks) In-text referencing of appropriate sources (such as peer-reviewed journal articles). Any recognised referencing system of your choice can be used (just use it correctly).

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