How did the improvements in transportation contribute to the market revolution? 2. What was Andrew Jackson’s impact on the presidency?

3. Why did the Trail of Tears take place? 4. Please explain what “separate spheres” meant in the 1830s. 5. What was the message of the Second Great Awakening? 6. What were some of the divisions within the abolitionist movement? 7. Essay: In a full paragraph, please select one abolitionist and provide a short biography of his/her life and career within the abolitionist movement. Chapter 12 8. What were the changes that led to economic growth in the 1840s and 1850s? 9. What was the free-labor ideal? 10. How did the free-labor ideal inspire a “blame the poor” type of mentality? 11. Why did the U.S. go to war with Mexico? 12. Essay: In a full paragraph, please select a reform effort (not abolition) and detail why and how it organized in the mid-19th century as well as if it was able to enjoy any success regarding its reforms in society.

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