How did the person or event fundamentally change your perspective on the world, your perception of yourself, and/or change your life for better or worse?

. You need to choose EITHER a significant person OR a significant event in your life. It is understandable that a person may play a significant role in an event, but the event should be the focus of your description. Ultimately, this is an autobiographical essay, so YOU are the focus. If you choose to write about your grandmother, husband, daughter, etc., be sure to make sure you focus on the impact they had on your life and how you developed as a person. Remember to keep the focus on the autobiographical significance of the person or event: The description of the person or event is secondary to your examination of their impact on your life. In other words, do not leave the discussion of autobiographical significance until the conclusion of your essay. You should spend at least one-half of the essay on the person/event and one-half on the significance for your life. You will be evaluated on your ability to critically discuss your own growth and development via the example set by another person or situation.

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