How did the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in 2002 affect China and how did the role of traditional Chinese medicine play in understanding and treating the disease?

Outline for each topic/paragraph: write it in this order.
Introduction paragraph:
1. How and where SARS (the crisis) began in China
2. SARS symptoms
3. Treatments
– How the Chinese traditional medicine played a role into treating traditionally and was it effective
– How its taken to the production of knowledge: antibiotic or other forms of treatments
4. Compare biomedicine and Chinese medicine
5. Health care workers/doctors/heroes role
-How America vs. China dealt with it
6. Improvements resulting from the SARS crisis
7. Problems and concerns from SARS
8. Public health response
-The economic impact
9. Policy lessons from SARS for dealing with infectious disease and risk
-The government against SARS

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