How did you change as a leader? What did you do differently as you learned about your leadership? Capture the actions you took, and your reflections on these actions, in your journal and supporting paper.

The second part of this assignment is creating and posting a 2-to-3-minute Kaltura video giving your definition of leadership. This should be a short “elevator speech” on your model. This video will be one of your last posts on the course discussion and is to be posted as a Primary Response in Week 6 Discussion. Instructions for creating and posting a Kaltura video can be accessed by clicking on the link, “Student Resources,” in the left menu-bar of Blackboard and clicking on the link, “Recording a Video using Kaltura.”Also according to Northeastern Online Experiential Learning, instructions for recording a Kaltura video from webcam is available by clicking on the link, document. If the links don’t work, please inform the instructor. In preparing your paper, you should consider the following:What specific ideas about leadership did you arrive with and how have some of these ideas been transformed? Which ideas have been strengthened by the readings?
Which readings are having a particular impact on you and why? How did the key questions and journal reflections change your ideas and behavior? Demonstrate that you have really worked with and applied the authors’ ideas.

What is your personal model of leadership? What leadership models covered in the course informed your model of leadership? Include direct references to the course readings and other materials.
How would you define leadership? Please concisely state your definition of leadership in 3-5 sentences.
Format of PaperThe paper will be 7-10 double-spaced pages, written in a Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 12-point font and follow the APA Style Guide, and be written with proper English grammar and spelling. Your paper should be written and submitted in accordance with the rubric located in Rubrics & Formatting Guide > LDR6100 Rubrics > Leadership Self Assessment and Personal Model of Leadership Paper Rubric and in APA Style format. A template is provided for you to assist you in formatting correctly.

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