How did you decide how a virtuous person would act/behave in the situation?

A significant virtuous choice: the most significant (i.e. serious, consequential)
ethical choice that you made in your attempt to be virtuous.
A problematic situation: a situation in which any of the following might apply: (1)
you could not carry out some virtuous act, or (2) you did something you thought
might be considered virtuous but felt conflicted about it, or (3) you could not figure
out what the virtuous thing to do was.
After identifying these two case studies, write an essay about virtue ethics. Follow these
1. First, write an introduction explaining virtue ethics. Assume that the reader does
not know anything about virtue ethics.
2. Next, use your significant virtuous choice as an example to illustrate what is
entailed in living by virtue ethics. Describe what happened in your specific
situation. What virtue(s) was/were relevant in the situation? What might the
relevant excesses and defects of character have been in the situation?

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