How different were the alliance maps produced by the individual groups. Does the alliance mapping method produce reliable results?

2. Which vegetation alliances (or species) were winners and losers as a result of the fire and why?Answer the first, you are to write about the process of creating your own alliance maps of polygons and how they compared with those of other student groups. Explain the process of how the map was created and also, in general, whether the maps from the different groups were fairly similar (how were they similar) or very different (how so)? Be critical and describe this process.
For part two, you will compare the 2007 vegetation alliance map (use the 2007 Serrano vegetation map
Serrano Vegetation Map 2007 (cropped).jpg (277.96 KB) and compare it to the vegetation map you produced (post fire map). Your task is to discuss two winners (species that appear to have increased in area post fire) with two losers (species that appear to have decreased or disappeared post fire). Once you have chosen your species, look them up on google or the California Native Plant societies web site and read about the fire ecology characteristics of the species. You would expect to find that the “fire followers” or species that recover quickly after a fire to increase and those that recover slowly, or by seed, to decrease. Is that what you find?
Note that the 2007 map is an “alliance” map that only lists the 1 or 2 most common species, so compare these with what you determine to be the most common species in your own maps which Scott has scanned and posted (Note that you may use your map or the map of another group).

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