How do they determine what infection is causing the illness?

Case Study Requirements Below are the general guidelines for the case study you are required to submit on your selected disease. ? Format: Formal written report. I dont want you to go find a case study on a person with your particular disease, but rather find the information that is listed below for content and craft a story on a person. I want to be interested in or entertained by your case study so be creative. This is not a term paper, it relates to the human condition. ? Content is based on the general steps for diagnosis of a disease: o Exposure history ? What are the scenarios that could have exposed the person to the disease? ? Do they have to go to a certain geographical location, touch something specific, breathe it in, ingest it, etc.? o Physical examination ? What symptoms are apparent in the disease? ? Include in your timeline if there are different stages and the symptoms change. ? Keep in mind if there are different symptoms for different routes of transmission (i.e. cutaneous, inhalational or gastrointestinal). ? Any images can provide a visual of rashes, abnormal skin or deformities, etc. o Diagnostic tests and procedures ? ? Do they use microbial culture techniques, genetic testing, CT scans, etc.? ? Any images of bacterial cells, viral particles, internal damage or abnormalities, etc. can help support the diagnosis o Treatment and outcome ? What treatment (antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, etc.) is administered? ? Did this need to change over time with the disease? ? What was the outcome for the patient? ? Length: There is no specific target length. I am looking for the content above presented in a creative case study style. ? References: o You MUST use at least one source other than Google, Wikipedia, etc. o Good websites for scientific information: ? (PubMed – scientific journal articles) ? (CDC Centers for Disease Control) ? (WHO World Health Organization) ? (Mayo Clinic) ? o You MUST cite the references you used publications, books, websites, etc.

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