How do we define religion? Can we define fully define religion? What are the components of religion?

In three (full) page summarize some of the things you have learned from the reading assignments and lectures. For example: Describe and define faith. How are beliefs different from faith? How is faith expressed through symbol and myth? Describe faith development. What is Ultimate Concern? These are just a handful of topics you can cover. Tell me anything you have learned from the readings that you felt was important! Describe anything youve learned from the textbook or handouts. This is your chance to show me what you have learned so far! Maybe you learned something from the reading that we didnt cover in class. If so tell me and describe it to me! You don’t have to answer every single question. These are examples to help you get started. For full credit you must do the following: 1. Have clearly marked sections (with section headings) consisting of a) Introduction, b) Summary, c) Conclusion. 2. Cite the course texts at least 3 times in your paper. This can be through the use of quotes or specific information. You must use the texts in your paper. When citing the text, use the following format (text name, page #). 3. Write 3 full pages. Anything less than a full page will not count toward your total.4. Do your best to reference specific things. Provide detailed responses by referencing specific things from the notes, texts, and videos. Other things to consider: I will not accept sources other than those assigned for this course (notes and texts). Use of any other sources will not count toward your grade. Do not plagiarize. I will fail any paper that copy and pastes information from the internet.

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