How does it tie in with other events happening at that same time? Why is it significant both then and now?

Research Paper: One component of a students grade is their research paper. This is to be a 7-8 (full) page, double spaced, research paper that delves into the background story of a primary resource. Students must find a resource such as a letter, document, painting, map, newspaper, or article from the time of 1860 to the present in Eyewitness to America or elsewhere. The item should be from American History and tie in with a topic discussed in class. Students must strive to illustrate how their chosen resource reflects upon the time in which it was made. What does it say about the people who wrote it? By answering these questions, students will become detectives and help solve questions about the past. A half page outline discussing your chosen source is due prior. Student will be expected to deliver a short, informal summation of the findings from their seats on the due date. See additional guidelines on Canvas. Students must use the following sources for their research paper:
The primary source being used as the central focal point of the paper.
At least one of the books assigned for this class.(American dream by H.W.Brands)
At least two other secondary source history books written by a historian. (In most cases, websites will not be permitted.) We have an excellent library system. Use it!
The report must be complete with citations and a bibliography of sources (see the attached). The bibliography is not counted in the page length.
Page citations are required at the end of every

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