How does labeling affect a particular group in public discussion, and might there be a better way to conceive of the issue, given Fanon’s insights?

Paper Three PHI215 Final Paper Topics Due December 10th by 11:59PM *Late work will not be accepted on this assignment. The Late Work Policy is not in effect. Requirements: 1000 word minimum (the minimum word count does not include the Works Cited or Titling Information) Works Cited Page and Titling information (Your Name, Date, Course, etc.). Papers that do not contain a Works Cited Page will incur a significant penalty. Direct textual evidence (properly-cited quotations) must be used. Papers that do not use direct textual evidence will incur a significant penalty. Choose ONE of the Following 1.) Nietzsche is often read as offering powerful criticisms of traditional or commonly held beliefs of morality. To what extent are his criticisms valid and, more importantly, what does this mean for us? Are ethics and morality a waste of time, or is there still hope in a re-evaluation of values? 2.) Frantz Fanon has a very provocative understanding of the ways in which framing or labeling racial minorities with different words drastically affects our perception of the group in question. This kind of power dynamic typically refers to something like colonizer/colonized, oppressor/oppressed, etc. 3.) While certainly very important, Aristotles articulation of the virtues and their roles in our lives seem to be inherently lacking because they fail to provide a consideration for a multiplicity of viewpoints. In other words, discussions of virtue are typically done with masculine/patriarchal/exclusivist overtones. Annette Baier and other feminists offer a powerful and productive way of reformulating our normal views of what these things (virtues) actually are. Do you think, therefore, that Aristotelian virtue ethics is improved upon by care ethics/feminist virtue ethics, or was it doing alright on its own? 4.) Talal Asad and Edward Said each provide a fruitful framework for how the West has encountered the East. This exposes a deficiency within Western philosophy, through a perceived othering of non-Westerners. What lessons could Asad and Said provide the traditional canon of Western Philosophy? A Few Things to Think About: I welcome any and all positions, provided they are supported with relevant details, premises, arguments, etc. I will say again, however, that merely having an opinion does not make said opinion goodor even justifiable. As such, your paper would need to advance reasons you hold this position, and show why you are making the argument Please do not try to write a paper to impress me, or one that you think I will like to hear/agree with. I care more that you have each struggled with these issues than just heard these things that I’ve said and regurgitated them. If at all possible, please try to avoid giving personal examples when writing argumentative papers. I do not mean to suggest your relationship with whomever or your experiences are trivial, but only that these things will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to help convey your position and make your argument. In academic writing it is generally advisable to write from a position of near-certainty regarding one’s own position. This is not to say you should write I’m right, dammit! but that you should avoid language that implies hesitancy on your part. In other words write, I assert… It is my position…; NOT I hope in/feel/believe. The latter implies you aren’t sure what you’re arguing, or that your position is too wishy-washy. Please refrain from using valorized language or to assume, carte blanche, the person about whom you’re writing is male. The general trend is to use the feminine form for examples.

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