How does this compare to preferred stockholders? CH 11: Marketing Please answer the following: Use Walmart, Inc as a company to answer the following information: Select one product/service line offered by your company and describe: A. Target market (consumer? business? location?)

Please see below detailed instructions for this assignment. This assignment consists of three chapters. Each chapter will have a different prompt to answer, that needs to be one page for each chapter. Total pages required will be three, with one citation/reference per chapter / per page. 1) CH 10: Financial Markets 2) CH 11: Marketing 3) CH 12: Product & Promotion Detailed Instructions: Please read the lecture slides before completing this assignment. The lecture slides also include quick 2 -3 min videos that need to be watched in order to answer the 1-page prompt per chapter correctly. Click over all words/sentences in blue and videos will play. These are very short clips and there is not very many of them. Slides need to be read and short clips must be watched to answer each chapter prompts correctly. It will show if prompts are just being answered without reading lectures notes and watching clips. Prompts per chapter bellow (one page needed for each chapter prompts) = Total of 3 pages with one citation for each page. Ch 10: Financial Markets Please answer the following: In your own words, describe the basic rights of common stockholders. B. Promotion and pricing strategy C. Operational locations (global office locations) and how this relates to product / service delivery (distribution) Ch 12: Product & Promotion Please answer the following: Would it ever make sense for a firm to offer a new product line that they know would cannibalize an existing line? Explain your answer. A robust answer will describe product cannibalization and thoroughly examine the pros and cons of such an approach Quality of work will include the following: Relating the answers to knowledge covered in slides and short videos. Arlo, by proper formatting (paragraphs and lists, where appropriate), grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.)

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