How does this theory help social workers understand their clients better( feel free to give examples if needed).

– Provide at least one paragraph for each part of the question.
1- Select two of the theories/ perspectives used by Social Workers ( person in environment perspective, general system’s theory, the ecological perspective, strengths perspective, diversity perspective).
Discuss what this theory/perspective is. Be sure to state the main components and include a lot of detail.

– One way to answer is: How the theory help understand social problem.

2- Based on what you have read about in your text and also what you learned in the documentary- Legacies of Social Change ( available online)
– you need to watch the documentary to answer the question.
-the book that we have used and read chapter 1-3 just in case.
– Segal, E.A., Gerdes, K.E., Steinter, S. (2014) An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work: Becoming a Change Agent, 5th Edition. BelmontA) Discuss the settlement movement ( led by Jane Adams) and the charity organization societies ( led by Mary Richmond). What was the purpose and what they did?
B) Discuss the contribution of each to the social work profession and how those interventions may still be used by social workers today.

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