How has your life been enriched by reading these books? Are there areas in your life where you need to grow and develop? Did these books offer you some ideas for managing your own personal growth and development? Explain.

the original assignment was to read three books selected from a list, write a book review on each book, and a personal personal response to based on all three books. the 3 book reports have been completed. this assignment is the personal response only. i will include in the additional files all three of the previously written book reports as well as the full set of instructions for the entire assignment. but this assignment is ONLY the personal responsePersonal Response. The questions below are intended to guide your thinking as you read the books so that you derive personal meaning from them. After you have completed your book reports, respond to these questions, integrating ideas from all three books, as appropriate. Do not feel compelled to respond to every part of a question if it does not seem appropriate to the books you selected. Include these responses at the end of the book reports.2. How does the Christian life provide for a healthier lifestyle as well as an enriched one? Did the books offer any insights into this question? Did these books cause you to think about attitudes or behaviors you need to change in your life? Explain.3. Identify some moral issues you are facing or will have to face in your lifetime. How will you go about determining what is “right” for you to do? Do these books offer you any assistance?4. Did these books stimulate you to think more seriously about the value of your own life? What contribution(s) do you think you will/can make to this world?5. Identify and discuss briefly insights, knowledge, inspiration you gained from having read these books.
Submitting Personal Response: The personal response is to be submitted at the same time as the three (3) book reports. It should be typed (double-spaced) in accordance with proper rules of style and grammar. The length will depend upon the writing style of the student; however there should be at least one page for each question. (12 pt Times Roman Font, 1 inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). Total of 4 papers 3 reviews and 1 reflection.

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