How have banks changed their strategies since the 2008 financial crisis? Critically assess what has been done so far ( and is still being done) to re-establish trust.

Discuss giving examples The research essay is limited to a maximum of 2000 words, excluding appendices and the bibliography. Reports are to demonstrate clear evidence of the authors ability to collect relevant and meaningful information that has been cited correctly and to mount a thoughtful, coherent argument based upon the findings. The work is assessed against four main criteria: content; critical analysis; presentation and exhaustiveness of research. The final mark is awarded for the work as a whole. 1. Content. You must deal with your topic in a well-rounded manner, touching upon all major issues and possible (or extant) analyses thereof. 2. Critical analysis. Once you have demonstrated your understanding of the various issues at stake, you are strongly encouraged to manifest a capacity for independent thinking, i.e., to come up with your own creative solution. Simple approval of current actions is to be avoided, in the absence of any arguments stating that no other solution would have been as optimal. 3. Presentation. Your argument should be coherent, well-ordered and full of examples. If a statement is made, the example used to substantiate it should be the appropriate one. 4. Literature review. References are welcome not only to theorists whom we will have studied in class but also to evidence of your own independent reading. 5. Referencing and bibliography.

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