how is the illusion of space created? or is it denied? (perspective, overlapping, light and shadow, volume or mass, scale?

Composition use element of design to describe the artists s composition
how is the composition balanced? explain ( symmetrical, absolute symmetry, bilateral symmetry, asymmetrical radial)
where is the focal point and how are you being led there
where is the vanishing point and the vantage point
what is the rhythm of the work and how is the work unified?( repetition, rhythm variety)
what type of line is the artists using and what feeling does it express ?( expressive, analytical)
is the composition made up of horizontal vertical or diagonal lines and how does that affect the composition ?
do the lines have direction? explain how the line move your eye(implied lines, line of sight)
is the illusion of space shallow or deep ?

how is the artists using color? is it arbitrary, local, perceptual optical? is there symbolism in the color?
is the work high key or low key( value)? talk about the intensity and saturation of color( tint, shade, bright dull)
is the artist using a specific color scheme?( analogous, complimentary, contrasting, polychromatic?
how does the color work emotionally?
where is the source of light coming from and how does it highlight and shadow? is the artist. is the artist modeling using chiaroscuro/tenebrism? how?
what kind of texture is the artist using? actual ,perceptual?
is the brushwork brushwork visible? is the paint thick or thin? how does the brush relate to texture, light, color, rhythm?

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