How long have people lived in the region we now call California, according to Selby, Walker and Lodha?

What was the estimated population of California prior to Spanish settlement? 2. What factors are thought to have contributed to the diverse native cultural groups in California compared to native populations in other regions of the U.S? 3. What caused the decimation of so many Native Americans in California? 4. What time frames constitute the Native America, Spanish, Mexican and America periods in California? 5. What is the current population of California, based on U.S. Census estimates from July 1, 2017? (Go to link: 6. What was California’s population in 2010, the year of the last decennial census? 7. What was California’s rate of growth between 2010 and 2017? Calculation: (2017 pop. – 2010 pop.) / 2010 pop. X 100 = % change or growth. 8. How does California’s rate of growth between 2010-2017 compare to that of neighboring states? (See link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Be sure to view population data in map form. It is easy to make comparisons to neighboring states using map view.) 9. Since 1910, what decade saw the highest growth (%) in California’s population? How does that compare to population growth in other western states and the U.S. as a whole? (See Selby, figure 7.6 and posted powerpoint slides.) 10. What is population density? Describe the population density patterns across California. Identify the regions of highest concentrations. Why have people clustered in these areas? What regions have the lowest population densities and why? (See Selby’s discussion and Figure 7-24 and posted powerpoint slides.) 11. Compare the population pyramids for California in 1850, 1970, 2000 and 2010. What interesting differences do you notice? 12. How has California’s age distribution changed since 2000? (Use the CA Dept. of Finance Population Pyramid Tool posted to Module 4). 13. What is the demographic transition model? How does Selby use it to explain changes in California’s population? 14. Describe the broad ethnic diversity of California’s population in 2015 (see powerpoint slides and U.S. Census site.) 15. What are the key population concepts and statistics identified by textbook authors Selby, Walker and Lodha. Which do you think are most important and why? 16. Why is an accurate counting of the population important? Why might an accurate count be difficult to obtain? (See relevant report and article links posted to our Module 4 on canvas.) USE this link for discussion on number 16:

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