How should we understand the role of violence in Euripidess Bacchai? How do this tragedys graphic descriptions and depictions of violence relate to the ethical and political life of Thebes? How do we make sense of, on the one hand, these extreme depictions of violence and, on the other, the comedic humor of Dionysus?

Choose from these 5 prompts
6-7 pages double spaceGuidelines: All papers must use MLA citation style, and must be formatted as either MS Word .doc or .docx files so that I can use the editing and commenting functions when responding to your work. Papers not emailed to me in the proper format will not be accepted. You should aim for a 6 to 7 page essaydefinitely no shorter than six full pages, but up to seven is still ok. Refer to the Components of a Good Essay handout for guidance on mechanics and how your essay will be evaluated. Topics: 1. We know from our reading of Aristotle why the philosopher thinks Sophocless Oedipus Rex is an example of the best sort of tragedy, because it features a key moment where reversal and recognition occur simultaneously. But based on our longer discussions of the play and of Greek tragedy more broadly, as well as your own insight, how else might we analyze the play in a way that reveals its ongoing significance, whether for psychological, historical, or literary reasons? You might for instance choose to focus on its depictions of family conflict in relation to the division between polis and oikos; the role of blindness and suffering in the tragedy; or the intrigue between Oedipus and Jocasta.
2. Antigone puts the conflict between the values of the polis and the oikos on center stage. Write an essay that analyzes this tension by focusing on passages where we see the values of these two spheres depicted in clear terms, and brought into tension with one another. What sort of compelling poetic imagery does Sophocles make use of in bringing this conflict to life? What do you think an ideal balance between these spheres looks like, and do you think that the play supposes such a balance is in fact even possible?

4. Senecas Hercules Furens is a work of tragic drama that both does and does not square with Aristotles theory of tragedy. Write an essay that analyzes the play by focusing on an important way it differentiates itself from the Aristotelian model of tragedy. You might focus on the plays representation of action and intention, on reversal / recognition, or on its literary-psychological representations of life and environment.
5. Plautuss comedy is deeply interested in the sphere of the oikos / domus, though its approach to the life of the household stands in sharp contrast to the tragic depictions we have encountered thus far. What is the role of domesticity in The Haunted House, and how does the play imagine the terms that connect members of the typical Roman household? How does the play think about the social hierarchy that sustained Plautuss world?
Final Drafts Due via Email by Midnight on Friday, October 19th

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