How to Hire Employees Effectively

required to write a critique of a paper which can be accessed from a reputable academic / industry journal in the area of Marketing/ Management/ Economic/ Finance Research.
Here are some questions that you might ask yourself as you read through the paper that you have chosen to critique. Bear in mind that this list is illustrative rather than exhaustive and some of the questions will not apply to all of the papers – it depends on whether the paper is quantitative or qualitative, theoretical or experimental or a combination of these categories.
Is the study descriptive or explanatory?
Is there a clear research aim? Are there clear research questions or hypothesis? Is it derived from previous research or theory, and if so is the logic of the derivation clear?
What methodology does the author employ? What rationale is given for the decision to employ the given methodology? Is this rationale justified?
Does the author(s) actually test the hypothesis?
Are the concepts to be explored clearly defined and explained?
Are the concepts operationalised in a way that corresponds to the definition? Are they valid?
If the paper includes measurements – do the measurement correspond to the definition of the concept (e.g. nominal, ordinal, scale or percentages)?
Have the measures used been shown to be reliable?
There is no set format for the essay, but as a guide you may find it useful to use three main sections: an introductory section, a discussion/critique/analysis section and a conclusions section.

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