How vaping is healthier than smoking

This research paper has to be about how vaping is better than smoking. The introduction should be 3 paragraphs. One of them should introduce the topic. The second one should be a summary of the supporting point of views. The third one should be a summary of the main opposing point of views. You must include 3 reasons with sources that prove that vaping is healthier. In addition, you must include a counterargument. That means you have to have 1 reason with a source that tries to argue back on how vaping is still as bad as smoking. Introductory Paragraph(2 – 3):
1. Find an occasion to introduce the Topic (anecdote, case study, definition, etc)
Lead into the issue with your topic
What is the issue and who is being affected? 2. Summary of supporting point of views 3. Summary of Main opposing point of views:Your Thesis (Topic + Argument)Body Paragraphs 4 – 5: YOUR reasons that support your thesis.
Topic Sentence: (reason 1) Context:Quote/Example: *Cite from sourcesExplanation/Analysis/Argument
Topic Sentence: (reason 2)Context:Quote/Example: *Cite from sourcesExplanation/Analysis/ArgumentBody Paragraphs 6-7: Counterargument & Refutation
Topic Sentence: (1 Strong Reason that goes against your thesis)Context:Quote/Example: *Cite from Opposing ArticleExplanation/Analysis
Topic Sentence: STRONGEST reason 3 (Refutation of that counter argument).Context:Quote/Example: *Cite from your sourcesExplanation/Analysis/Argument Conclusion: Summary of research + unresolved issues + Why should your readers care?

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