How will it help you as you observe children to plan your curriculum? How would you explain NCFELD to a co-worker who was not familiar with this document?

After reading the content on the effects of poverty from your text (pg.31-32), and other information on the subject matter provided in the chapter, how will you assist families that may be struggling with meeting the basic necessities of life for their children. Provide two options you can use as a classroom teacher, and then list two resources/agencies from your local community that could assist the families. Please do not list Social Services, or the Department of Human Services, as they as most likely already using those agencies. Think about what families may need to have to get through the day and care for their children.This semester we spent a lot of time talking about NCFELD and Domains, Subdomains, Goals, and Developmental Indicators. In our last Discussion Forum, reflect back on how you will use NCFELD as part of your everyday classroom activities.
In your text, read the Case Study section for Chapter 8, page 239. After reading the chapter decide how you would handle the classroom situation and give the reasons for your selection. Additionally, consider that challenging behaviors are a part of all early childhood classrooms. How would you use the daily schedule and learning centers to decrease these behaviors? Provide two examples with your explanation.

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