How will you measure the managers performance? Strategies to address/train leaders to engage diversity (current and merging organization) Strategies to impact the culture of the current organization

For this assignment, we will build on what was started in the case assignnment. It has been 90 days since you hired the two new managers. Everyone is seemingly adapting but you want to make sure all went according the previous strategies you outlined. Given that, you believe it is time to follow up with appraisals. On another note, the CEO informs you that now that the organization is doing well, it will now merge with another organization that will have direct oversight of several departments, which include bringing in a new set of managers from the incoming organization. You realize that change is inevitable, so you will need to share those plans to current employees and managers as well. In an 8-10 page paper, address the following: Your plan for employee performance appraisals in the accounting and customer service departments This includes expectations from managers and how you plan to train them to conduct the appraisals Write about how you as the HRM will lead the upcoming change Incorporate any innovative and future trends you believe will assist with the aforementioned plans and strategies you plan to incorporate In your conclusion, briefly discuss one major challenge and one major opportunity anticipated with the leadership/managers because of what you must do to ensure success in the organization. Writing Guidelines: Please use the APA style formatting for the entire paper (includes in text referencing as well as list of references). Include 8-10 references in your paper Make sure your introduction has a purpose statement and the main body follows what you wrote in the introduction Include a summary of the main points in your conclusion

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