How would Federal armies deal with the hundreds and thousands of slaves who attached themselves to these armies for protection and freedom? Could these slaves somehow play a military role on behalf of the federal forces?

Essay (1): Almost as soon as hostilities commenced between North and South, the institution of slavery came into focus even more sharply as Federal armies came into the proximity of slave populations throughout the South. Many new and previously unanticipated situations now arose: what would be the policy of the Lincoln Administration regarding slavery?
Carefully read the documents found in Chapter 9 of the Perman text. These documents present some of the slave-related issues confronting the Lincoln Administration from 1861 through 1865. In the first of two Essays this week, identify and briefly describe the slave-related issues presented in these eight documents.
Three Sources from the “Perman” text. “Major Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction” Third Edition. Michael Perman and Amy Murrell Taylor.

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