How would you test the reliability and validity of your measure?

Test Construction Project (in the form of a final paper)You will be asked to complete a final project for the course referred to as the Test Construction Project, that culminates the course materials into the application of creating your own psychological test based on the principles learned in this course (e.g., test construction, reliability/validity, utility). Students typically identify this project as being the most interesting component of the course!You will select a construct of interest in psychological testing and assessment in which you will submit a final paper and constructed test by Friday of Unit/Week 9 (at 5 p.m.). You will also be asked to submit a construct topic (e.g., Former student constructs have included Germaphobia, Internet Addiction, Postpartum Depression) and a rationale for choosing this topic (i.e., why you are choosing this construct and providing some citations from the literature reflecting its importance) by the end of Unit 4 . The instructor will then provide emailed individual feedback on these constructs.This paper requires that you also include five or more scholarly references to support your paper using scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Objectives for the project/paper:• Identify a construct of interest in psychological testing and assessment• What is the rationale for your instrument? (Using the literature)• Develop a measure to test your construct• What are considerations for reliability and validity? • What is the utility of your instrument?• What are future research directions and/or clinical considerations (e.g. cultural/ethical)

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