Identify and describe any two stakeholders that are involved in the case study.

SUBJECT: Project Management Managing internal and external stakeholders is a key component not only to clearly communicating the purpose and benefits of projects but also to completing projects in a timely manner. Whether it is a customer, resident, employee, consultant, or organization, each stakeholder has an interest in monitoring the project’s status and requesting information as needed in preferred formats.After reading and selecting your case study for the final project, address the
In addition to the stakeholders specifically mentioned in the case
study, feel free to discuss stakeholders that are not mentioned but could
also be impacted by the project.
Discuss each stakeholder’s role and level of interest in the project. How
influential is each stakeholder? What type of information is each
stakeholder interested in receiving?
Describe how you would manage each stakeholder if you were the
project manager. For instance, would you meet more frequently with
stakeholders of high influence?

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