Identify and discuss the health promotion activities carried out within the pharmacy and wider community Health promotion programs deliver benefits for the community in promoting wellbeing, reducing preventable illness beyond just individual behaviour and towards a range of social and environmental interventions and lowering overall healthcare expenditures1 The WHO describes it as a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.

It moves beyond individual behaviour and towards a range of social and environmental interventions. Community Pharmacy is ideally placed for public health programs, where health promotion is aimed at prevention, early detection and treatment of disease (refer to your lecture notes Health Promotion and Pharmacy for more information). For this activity, identify and write approximately half a page (~200-250 words) on the following approaches, you may include photos with permission from your preceptor (complete Appendix A). You may include details of the program, how it is carried out, benefits, limitations, pharmacy/pharmacist involvement and possible future opportunities for pharmacists to partake in health promotion activities. 1. Press release Prevention is better than cure you can count on it (April 7 2003)Senator Kay Patterson, Minister for Health and Ageing PART A: Pharmacy and behavioural change approach (The behavioural approach focuses on individual behaviours and encourages healthy lifestyles through health education eg. Targeting people who smoke, overweight…)

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