Identify key players in the creative media industries and discuss their interplaywith wider cultural, economical, political and geographical phenomena;

● S2: Present an objective argument succinctly in written form employing a standardreferencing system;● S4: Discuss culture and communication in different media disciplines (audio,picture, film, web).1.1.2 OverviewThe Comparative Discussion Paper requires you to explore your own discipline as well asanother chosen discipline(s) of creative media. You should develop and present aninsightful discussion comparing and contrasting key players from different creative mediaindustries. In your comparison, discuss at least one of the following aspects:social-cultural, stylistic, economic, political and/or geographical.It is important that you develop a specific focus for your project to ensure that yourcomparison is clear and consistent around similar aspects between the two industries.1.1.3 Requirements● 2400 words (±10%, not including quoted materials);● You must consider at least one of the following aspects: socio-cultural, stylistic,economic, political or geographical influences in the creative media industries;● You should seek approval for your topic from the lecturer/programme coordinator atleast four weeks in advance of the deadline;

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