Identify the author’s argument and evaluate how persuasive that argument would be to a thoughtful and informed member of its intended audience by examining the text in the light of other arguments made on that same topic.

“The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” is an essay that is in rich evidence. Gladwell uses anecdotes, statistical data, and reports of experiments in order to make what he calls an “environmental argument”. The goal is not to write an agree-disagree paper, but rather to consider how the additional sources can be used to reframe the original text’s position. Three outside sources will be used to extend, complicate, illustrate, qualify, or challenge three of the arguments advanced by Gladwell, drawing on this new understanding to evaluate the strength of the original text. You must use one action per argument and may not reuse a term. I also need a works cited list.

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