Identify the career area or field you will be exploring in your final paper for this course, and describe the basic parameters (scope) that you will be researching. Use an extended definition to define the field.

COVER MEMO REQUIREMENTS Write a short cover memo using standard memo format and address your proposal to your teacher. Summarize the key issues that you plan on researching for your final CMNS 1140 report, and ask for permission to continue with this research. Attach this cover memo to your proposal. Even though the cover memo is the first thing that the audience will read, write this cover memo last, after you have written the proposal. RESEARCH PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS Ensure that you address (answer) the following questions, and use these requirements as the basis for the headings of your proposal: 2. Describe some of the current issues that are part of your intended professional field. Are any of them controversial? What are the complexities? Etc. (Cite sources) 3. Identify a key international trend that is impacting or informing your prospective field. Define the trendwhat is it? What is its impact? Why is it important that you are aware of it now? What steps can you take to be prepared to leverage this international trend and make yourself more employable? (Cite sources) 4. Why do these issues interest you personally? (This is a personal statement, ergo, no citation required, and it is OK to use I in this section.) 5. Introduce and list at least 8 questions about your field that you could potentially research in your final report. (No citation necessary for this section.) 6. From the above list, select at least two questions that you plan to address in your final paper, and list them in the order that you will structure them in your report. Ensure that these are all open-ended questions. For example: dont say Is sustainability important? Do say, Why is sustainability an important part of Marketing? (Explain WHY you chose those two questions. (I is OK in this sectionNo citation necessary) 7. Explain how each of these questions will benefit first year students in your field. Pretend that you would be presenting your report findings to these students at the end of the semester. Address the benefits to first year students for each question that you intend to research. (Some citation may be necessary, depending on the claims you make in this section.) Additional Assignment Requirements 8. Integrate at least three visual elements (e.g., tables and one figures) into your proposal. These visuals can occur anywhere in your research proposal, but one of them must relate to the International Trends section. 9. Use at least three different sources of information: a. one primary source (e.g., an industry professional whom you will interview) b. three secondary sources (e.g., textbook, journal article, industry magazine, credible website etc.) 10. Attach a Works Cited page at the end of your proposal. 11. Write the cover memo, addressed to me, with a brief description of the proposal, and a request for permission to conduct further research.

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