Identify the goals and objectives of the intervention, as well as the relevant theories of change and process tracing.

THE PROGRAM IS Mathare Youth sports association in Kenya.
the class is program evaluation and conflict analysis.The final paper is an evaluation design demonstrating application and understanding of the course material. During the course you will work on various elements of the final plan through class activities, discussions and log entries. Note: you will not actually be conducting the evaluation. The focus is on advance planning: framing, connecting evaluation components to an actual program, utilizing credible methods of inquiry, and responding to situational constraints.Papers should be 10-12 pages and make use of course materials to support and frame your design decisions. The evaluation proposal should be as specific and practical as possible since the assignment is intended to demonstrate your ability to design a monitoring and evaluation plan that could be utilized a real world setting. Program choice and approval log entry: The first step is to identify an appropriate case. Identify one program or initiative or a manageable portion of a larger initiative for which you will prepare an evaluation design. Students should have personal access to the program or be able to do research via available documentation. This must be an existing program, not a general type of program. In a brief paragraph, describe what intervention/program you propose to evaluate and to select a primary purpose for the evaluation you will plan. Do not choose too complicated a project for this assignment, but choose something of interest and a worth learning from!

Design Evaluation Plan: Very briefly describe the conflict and the assessment that the intervention was designed to impact. Identify a core purpose for the evaluation. Now, design a monitoring and evaluation plan to achieve the evaluations purpose, such as measuring progress towards achieving the initiative/programs goals and objectives or assessing implementation or using an appreciative inquiry approach with stakeholders (just some of the many options). Identify the type of evaluation you have selected and discuss the alternative approaches considered. Also include intended audience, specific data collection and analysis plan, including samples of data collection instruments, and how the results of the evaluation will be distributed and utilized. The paper should be written in a format consistent with typical evaluation plans. Your design should reference and utilize the course readings. Consult the posted rubric for elements that I will consider in evaluating your evaluation plan.At the beginning of your paper, please include links to the program or program information used for your evaluation design. See assignment link for submission on the webpage.

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